Yay, a New (To Me) Oblique Strategies App!

So…I love the Oblique Strategies. I’ve been using Brian Eno’s personal set of block-busting brain teasers to help with creative crises since the mid-eighties, when another music geek who drew or wrote or something, she gave me them. A list of them, photocopied, nth generation, which I copied onto index cards one night.

It’s great – I’ve tried similar things people gave me and recommended over the years, Whack Packs and whatnot. Nothing’s ever worked like this stuff for…thinking of a whole new way to approach, stopping and doing something else for a while, remembering to do that, even using it the way Phil Dick used the I Ching and letting it guide character and plot decisions. Ultimately, using it leaves me trusting myself more. You can tell somebody woefully familiar with his own harsh inner critic made these little art koans.

Anyway, any tech device you can write appropriate software for, somebody does the Oblique Strategies for, pretty quickly. It was always the first thing I looked for on PDAs, I got it first thing for Android when I moved to those devices, three years ago.

I’ve been busy lately and not looking at new apps and etc., and…while I wasn’t looking, a couple of new Oblique Strategies apps showed up in the Android Market that are very kewl, for different reasons.

The first is Viktor Kelemen’s Oblique Strategies Cards, which puts a much-needed beautiful face on the deck.



Also of some, albeit limited, interest: SaliralSol’s Oblique Strategies, which serves up cards in English and Spanish.



Anyway, I was glad to find these and felt like sharing, and…maybe somebody else discovers this swell tool and it helps them out like it’s helped me, over the years.

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