Robert N. Lee

Yay, a chance to waste time shifting my schedule around endlessly.

Not really, but. Recent life intruding hard played hell with my schedule, I have to jump tracks away from Them Bones and finish a story, now. It’d work with the theme of an anthology whose submissions window is closing soon, I need to get it in there. And that means letting people read the first draft ASAP so I can rewrite if I need to.

And I had a bunch of it worked out and the opening written, already. But it’s barely plotted out – or it was until the last couple of hours, anyway – and I hardly ever just plow through story first drafts at a single run, and kinda need to do that on this one, now.

For whatever reason, that worked out this morning. I couldn’t sleep all night and a while ago I went to open the working documents for the story, just so they’d be sitting there to make me think about working on it after I inevitably crashed for a while.

I started working on it, instead, working out character and plot problems I’d written notes down for a few weeks ago, and…then just writing the story again from where I left off.

And started coming up with new shit that was so great, like you do, and couldn’t stop and…anyway, I got another thousand words done, already. I forced myself to stop because I’ve found a lot of value lately in not letting myself work like a demon on stuff, as is my lifelong habit, and forcing myself to take frequent breaks. If I keep plowing through like I want to, I burn out, if I keep that in line at least a little, I get more done. Works for me, anyway.

But I’m totally into it and I’m finishing that story today, maybe. w00t.

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