Robert N. Lee

Treacherous Hollywood Bastards Ruining Another Franchise…

I can’t believe I haven’t heard more uproar about this, and suspect it must be because you are all in on the plot to destroy Peter Rabbit.

“Frederick Warne has announced that it will publish The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit, written by Oscar-winning actress and screenwriter Emma Thompson, in September 2012. Scheduled to be released simultaneously in the U.S. and the UK, the book is the 24th tale starring Peter Rabbit. Its publication marks the first time Warne has published an original addition to the series of books that Beatrix Potter wrote between 1902 and 1930.”

I am so filled with rage that I can only manage a few points, and then I will have to return to my day job, which is: screaming all over the Internet that it’s blasphemy to remake the original remake of the first movie adaptation of John W. Campbell’s classic short story, “W’happen?”

3. I swear to god, if I find out she’s lifted one single word from any of my Beatrix Potter fanfic, I will SUE HER IN THE HAGUE FOR GENEVA PATENT CRIMES.
4. Clearly, it is all in who you know, in this world. The true artist, with his seventy-four volumes of Squirrel Nutkin/Benjamin Bunny ‘shipping, must always wait for future generations to discover his genius.

(via Diamonds and Toads, a decent fairy tale-oriented blog I’ve been reading lately)

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