Robert N. Lee

To the recipients of that grant money to make that hideous anti-smoking PSA…

…with the cigarette-smoking girl melting down in front of the mirror: thank you for the boost to my productivity, lately. That PSA’s placement on every web site that makes you watch an ad before you read or see anything, the last month or so, has prevented me from reading or seeing more articles and videos and comics and cute photos than I care to count. Or hanging around on the site more than the split second it takes me to realize “Oh, it’s that melting, vomiting, smoking chick again.”

While I realize that you folks are just this year’s free money getters for stoopid PSAs that don’t do any good for anybody outside the agencies that make them, presumably the entire rest of the Internets would like people to stay on their landing pages for more than half a second. At least. You would think. As would their real advertisers, which you aren’t.

Anyway, though, big thanks from me, again. I hope you get some kind of agency do-gooder award for this campaign, I really do.

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