“The Live Lady of Down Town” got a great review from Ain’t It Cool News…


Imagine my delight when I was given some new pre-release historic fiction that happened to center around Delia Derbyshire, the electronic composer who created the unmistakable DOCTOR WHO theme. All the sci-fi goodness in THE LIVE LADY OF DOWN TOWN had me in pleasure overload with the way it perfectly coincided with the “Day (or in the case of my house week) of the Doctor” celebration!

If you are going to seek this short story out (it’s a steal for $.99 here), I recommend doing a little reading on Delia Derbyshire to get all of the references and intrigues to this alternate take on her life. In real life, Delia Derbyshire was an extremely talented woman who had to fight to get her foot in the door of BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop. Once she made it to BBC’s playground of electronic recording equipment, Delia was able to pioneer a lot of techniques in electronic music and helped drive the medium forward.

It goes on.

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