Robert N. Lee

The Lama-Bama-Sama Trifama

3:31 PM me: So my favorite thing this week is ppl getting all excited that the Dalai Lama said killing bin Laden was awesome.

3:37 PM Julio: haha


3:38 PM Julio: fuck, now i want to know who else is on his shit list  i could be the world’s most ethically-untouchable assassin

3:39 PM me: Get in on some of that Dalai Lama money and kill folks?  Yes.  The closest thing to superhero any human could touch, really.

Julio: shoot Michael Bay. “DL say so.”  “oh, okay.”

me: And I bet Drs. Phil and Laura are totally on that list.  Dear Abby and Ann Landers were.

3:40 PM me: The people who wrote The Secret, def.

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