Robert N. Lee

Thank you but no thank you.

I guess people are reading the last post, as I’ve gotten a few requests in the last few days for help researching Requires Only That You Hate/Benjanun Sriduangkaew for blog posts or articles, and a couple interview requests. I would like to take this opportunity  to say no to everyone about that.

I don’t want to engage further about this subject, I’m not interested in contributing to more strife around this person, not any more than I already have. I don’t need to be part of efforts to right wrongs, I…think the worst personalities involved here have demonstrated handily that they can take care of nuking themselves and their own lives and careers, just fine.

I mostly just wrote that post for two people, and they already read it. I guess it’s been welcome to some wounded in this affair, former friends of BS (nice initials, BTW), etc. who now feel very badly used. I’ve gotten a few messages and emails saying thank you.

I appreciate the thanks, and…get how that hurts.  Luckily, the world is also full of very lovely people, and hurt ends.

I’d like this to get back to being an irregular blog about how I swear to god the next 666ties story is coming Real Soon Now, and think a lot less about any of this in the future.

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