Robert N. Lee

So I started a new blog…

…anyway, it’s not a very pretty blog at the moment — I haven’t even filled out the About Me page, yet. I’ll be reworking it tonight, I’m sure, as I pack and take care of other last minute stuff for travel tomorrow and the con. With any luck, all the notification/crossposting stuff should work, anyway.  And I’ll fuck around with the design more when I have more time next month.

One thing that is coming up…starting now: I’m going to be using as an e-imprint for short stories and novellas, at least to start with. I’ve been working on ebook stuff with some authors and publishers — other designers around here, actually, that’s come up, too. Suddenly everybody’s into Kindle. Why should I be any different?

I thought I’d start with a reprint and a good one, or the story out of the few I’ve published everybody seems to like best, anyway. Also the only story I ever got robbed on — the editor, despite years of private and then public demands and complaints, never paid me. (And no, seeing the book with your story in it at airport bookstores and Target and whatnot does not make up for getting stiffed. At all.)

Which kind of sucks, because now the story’s been published, so all I can ever get paid for it now is reprint money. Which is generally lower than first time money. Plus, it’s not like it’s a famous story, so who wants to reprint it? 

So fuck it, I brought it back into print myself.

Anyway, sometime in the next day or so, my story “Sometimes  I Think If I Stand By the Phone It May Ring” will be available for ninety-nine cents, Kindle-only, for now. (I doubt I’ll have any time to create alternate versions in the next week or so, but…let me know if you’re interested.) It’s a sort of fucked-up Christian apocalypse story — one I wrote, actually, after reading a hundred or so Hell on Earth-themed stories for David T. Wilbanks’ and my anthology, Damned Nation. We’d already agreed to “no stories by us” for the book, so I had to look elsewhere to place it. (Should have just put it in my own book, at least I woulda got paid.)

And…because at least one person will want to see this, a preview of the book’s cover:

"Sometimes I Think..." Cover

Will let everybody know as soon as it’s available.