the CAT

Room at the inn on rapture’s eve

So there are a lot of feral cats in Tampa, and around our place. There’s been one, lately, though, who clearly isn’t feral, she was abandoned. And people clearly feed her because she’s affectionate and cute, and she’s just been hanging around the neighborhood for a while.

About a month ago, Evonne and I saw her by the mailboxes, and I petted her and went “I think she’s pregnant.”

She is. And she was crying and digging holes in the dirt to rest her belly in outside, today, and this was brought to Evonne’s attention because we basically have Baby Animal Rescue painted on the outside of our house at this point.

Anyway, she’s teeny and clearly not a wild cat, so…we couldn’t just let her have the kittens in some bushes in the middle of a monsoon or whatever. I made her a box, the other animals are all aware she’s in the house, she’s hanging out upstairs where her box is, for now.

Otis wants to play with her, really bad. Evonne already decided her name is “Roxy.” Plus, she looks like Batman Hitler.

the CAT
…and she’s already stretched across a keyboard.

Anybody in the Tampa Bay area want a kitten in a couple months?

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