Robert N. Lee

R.I.P., ReplayTV….

Been following this wistfully. I was the UI (interaction, not graphic) designer for the second gen ReplayTV boxes people are still using. You know, the ones that had a setting that you checked once and it skipped every commercial ever and let you share video files over the Internet and etc. and got the company sued into the ground.

I don’t say that last part on job interviews. But yeah, I designed the EVIL file sharing and commercial skip features on those babies, and I’m not sorry, bwahahahhahhaa.  You wish you had that shit in your TiVo or cable or dish box,  now.

Anyway, this is bittersweet. I think this might be the product or service I’ve designed in tech with the longest shelf life ever – things do go obsolete and get baleeted so fast in that space. Bye bye, ReplayTV.

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