666ties by Robert N. Lee - all covers

The  Top Forty is full  of superheroes, a storm is hitting Memphis, and Otis Redding — aka The Mississippi Kite — thinks maybe he needs one less job, or one less boss. The woman behind the Doctor Who theme becomes the first-ever superstar DJ after accidentally inventing rave culture. Teen proto-hackers and witches from New Jersey fight robots from the future bent on destroying Bob Dylan before he gets The Beatles stoned for the first time. Boy scouts with psychic powers go to Vietnam — or is it summer camp? Girl scouts with magic powers journey deep beneath The Other Kansas City to war against the worm and find out where babies come from. JFK and Saddam Hussein wage an amphetamine-fueled battle against strangely familiar aliens across the Paris of the Middle East. Connie St. Claire, glamorous celebrity superhero, has a secret identity with its own secret identity. Philip K. Dick is going to lose his job writing computer games unless Bruce Lee can save his bacon or the world ends first.  Ayn Rand’s and L. Ron Hubbard’s magick megachurches battle for the soul of Los Angeles and the Ad Man’s ass. And one by one, all the girls in the world are walking into wardrobes and walls and televisions and mirrors and holes in the ground and never coming back.

From Robert N. Lee, these are the worlds of 666ties, a genre-melting, history-hashing year by year backwards trip through ten different nineteen-sixties that never were.

Series edited by Julia Rose Sevin

Praise for 666ties:

Good fiction is comprised of layers. If I am going to read something I want it to follow me around after I put it down and give me some concepts to mentally pick and prod at. Robert N. Lee handles this really well with his 1960s alternate history yarns, and amazingly enough, never seems to lose sight of the main story he is trying to tell. His collection currently has three shorts released, and every one of them offers something unique and different. As a comic book fan I am a born sucker when it comes to anthologies that feature strong and graphic ideas. By the looks of what is out so far, Lee has a lot to say and a very interesting way of saying it. Buy the ticket, take the ride. I mean, why not? It has giant robots and subtle DOCTOR WHO references–what the hell else do you want?!?!

–Joseph Wallace, Ain’t It Cool News


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