666ties - 1968: Finest Kind

666ties – 1968: Finest Kind


Spring, 1968. Memphis is cool but tense. Otis Redding has enough static in his life already: struggling to balance his family life with his career at the top of the pops—and the undercover side gig as a superhero isn’t helping.


Known in his other work clothes as the Mississippi Kite, based in a gadget-filled cave hidden on the banks of Ol’ Muddy, Otis serves as a shadow protector of peace in Dixie, along with his colorful compatriot crew: Marvelous (the Brother of Rubber), the Zapper, Canada Goose, Old Mad Johnson. Together they put the drop on would-be evil-doers; today, they’re rescuing vivacious Fifi La Voom and the Mayor of Memphis from a bevy of backwards-blackface bozos. No sweat, brother: just another day of work for our world-weary hero and his Famous Players.


But bigger fish are coming up to be fried. The South is rocked by race riots, the Invaders stand accused but every man seems to have his own story, Dr. King comes to town to curb the hate and mend fences, and Otis still has to deal with supreme jive turkey Elvis Presley—er, Captain Whizbang—and his headline-hogging Phenomenal Five.


Robert N. Lee’s “Finest Kind” is an alternate history escapade, placing four-color caped vigilantes in a black-and-white age of black-and-white battles: the very real, very troubled Civil Rights era, just at a potential tipping point for a true Black Power revolution.

This violent and oppressive world is calling for action…what kind of men will dare answer?

8800 words, 99¢

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