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Bisk Education Work, 2005-2008

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Design lead for development department, responsibilities including: Design and graphics for online courseware Design, proofing and graphics for course textbooks Design and production of client and internal documents Driving departmental initiative to move print production from FrameMaker to InDesign Liason with Marketing’s creative department Special projects, including SEO and SMO work for Marketing, illustration work and writing ad/landing page copy …

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MSFDC, 1997-98

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MSFDC was a joint venture between Microsoft, First Data Corp., and Citibank to provide online bill paying. I worked on site at Microsoft in Redmond on the project for a couple of years, later MSFDC’s product was sold to CheckFree and…now we all just pay our bills online anyway without necessarily using a special provider to do so.  

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Tech Design

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  KMFDM “Son of a Gun,” music video 1996 I built models and textures in 3D Studio, blew up buildings, Photoshopped and After Affected aplenty, and planned and executed a lot of the camera fly-throughs for this early CGI music video for KMFDM.   Bubsy 3D: Horrible, Horrible Accolade Video Game 1996 I hardly had anything to do with this …