No idea how accurate the “Grandpa Headshot” story is…

…as in, I’m not sure if any real person who is really eighty-six years old had all these things happen to him and he’s real.

But no matter if that isn’t the case, it’s great fiction. It is, in fact, probably the finest piece of for-real literature that I’ve ever seen made out of “rage comics.” And one of the best online comics I’ve read in a good while.

And fiction’s always truer than true, anyway.

So I wanted to archive it forever, here, even though I’ve already reposted it. (And thanks, Julia Sevin, for the heads up, I’ve read it a bunch of times since yesterday, it lives on my second monitor’s desktop with a few other online comics and graphics I find especially kewl and might want to read at a moment’s notice.)

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