Maybe You Should Learn To Show Up On Time (Two good SF movies about apocalyptic meals)

I complained elsewhere about the meh SF movie I watched yesterday (Under the Skin, the book’s way, way better), but failed to praise the pretty cool and new-to-me SF movie discovery I also made. (Because I fell asleep.)

Coherence (2013) falters some in the beginning, the writing seems a little obvious and over expository at times, etc. But stay with it and get your mind fucked some. It’s one of those movies, not about time travel this time out but interdimensional crossovers. Spawned, in this case, by that most ancient of fictional time and space travel devices: a comet.

Plus, it’s got Xander from Buffy playing A Guy Who Used To Star On Roswell, which is pretty amusing even if you don’t care about either of those shows.



Also noted: the late run of Lots of End of the World Movies seems to have produced a small subgenre: the End of the World During an Emotionally Fragile Group Meal Movie. Of which I heartily approve and so, presumably, would Luis Buñuel. The much more lighthearted – albeit a lighter, blacker heart –  It’s a Disaster treads similar ground with less WTFery and more yucks, and is also recommended.



Come on, you know you already want to, just because of the cast. Or we wouldn’t be talking.

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