Make It Happen: the Skyline of dance movies.

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So those who know me at all know Evonne loves dance movies, endless dance movies. She also loves Mary Elizabeth Winstead, so when she discovered Winstead made a dance movie a few years back…anyway, this is on:

Most generic dance-off movie ever, pretty much. There’s an academy that isn’t hip to the street style that must be won over, a family back home in Bumfuck who’s gonna be mighty disappointed if they find out what lil girl’s been up to in the big city, and the movie’s pretty much Flashdance shitting Coyote Ugly all over The Pussycat Dolls.

As for Winstead’s dancing…she remains a very charming and capable actress. She tries hard, and obviously practiced a lot.

I think the final assault on the dance academy has been mounted, I hear Lady Gaga. Huzzah!

666ties ebooks 99¢

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