LOL, Halo TV show.

I think everybody who plays video games much and watches late model big boomy movies and TV of the action or skiffy or superhero variety has had the “Man, this is just making me want to play video games” moment. Probably more than once. Probably way more than once, to be honest.

Well, if you like that, here comes MAN, THIS IS JUST MAKING ME WANT TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES, the show:



So…the Halo TV show: you watch it on your Xbox, and it’s just going to be a constant stop and start affair, it’s not so much a show or a movie you watch for the plot or acting or anything. A show that gets you all worked up and you finally have to go and fulfill your desires, it’s too overwhelming. And luckily: there is the means of instant gratification, right there.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a first, here: actual video game porn. As in: erotic media in which the object of erotic fixation is playing video games.

And now I really want to not work this morning and play Destiny instead.


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