Robert N. Lee

I’m going to be doing some ebook promotion at the end of the week…

…and for this purpose, I could use some more reviews, if you bought Kindle editions of either of the ebooks, so far. I don’t generally review grub, but…if you bought and liked it, take a moment to star and say something at Amazon, won’t you?

I’ll also be adding Nook and Google Books versions, at least, this week, so if you requested, they’re coming.


  1. As soon as the Nook version is available I will download it for my mom, she is a heavy reader & will review the book as soon as she’s finished 

  2. I try to sit down & read but am distracted in no time at all. She’s always calling me asking if she get a new book which reminds me that she have not asked in awhile so I’m going to offer

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