I found my old house in Streetview!

Well, sorta. I talk, sometimes, about when I lived in Hawaii as a kid, in a religious commune of sorts. And helped rent and show 16mm movies at the restaurant/banquet hall the church ran. Anyway, I was showing Evonne Hawaii stuff today, and found the place, this is it.

On the right side of Ololi, there, the restaurant/church building remains, the old garden and grounds and hotel buildings – where we lived – have been replaced by parking lots. Sob.

Anyway, it was cool to be able to show E that from far away, this place I’ve told her so many childhood stories about. I love living in the future.

This is, BTW, the library I walked to all the time. My first publication ever, in the local paper, came about because of the librarian there. She got reviews by big reader kids into the paper, I reviewed Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.

And this used to be a movie theater – I saw Scanners there. And Superman. The Aloha and this place, the Kona Theater, used to be pretty key Kona movie outlets, but by the time I moved there in the seventies, they’d started running newer and more popular stuff in Kailua, closer to the tourists, and they put in the first multiplex right before we moved back to the mainland.

The Aloha ran some of the popular movies, still, when I first moved there, the Kona Theater was more of an art house, at that point. I saw Fantastic Planet there for the first time, that was cool.

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