Them Bones

I am totally review grubbing.

One of the stories is going to be featured for half a week or so on a Kindle-books-people-should-read site next month, haven’t decided which, yet. (And any input that way is welcome, from anybody what’s read them.)

I’ve got pretty much all the copy I need for the listing, except my bio has to be beefed up and I need reviews. If you have bought and read “Sometimes I Think…” or “Shame On You” and haven’t reviewed the story (stories, even?) at Amazon or Barnes & Noble or your blog or wherever, right now would be a great time, as I have to get all the copy in by the end of the week. (Or hell, if you haven’t bought and read them, DO THAT. Then review.)

I’ll be checking the bookstores, obviously, but do let me know if you put something in a blog or other post, via message or comments here or Google+ or Twitter.

Thanks, and thanks much to readers who’ve already reviewed the ebooks, you rule.

P.S. I’ll have some big giant writing news, soon, yes, it’s exactly what you think, and if you try to talk to me online anytime soon and I don’t talk back, that’s why.

P.P.S. It rhymes with “Zen Jones.” Sorta.


Them Bones

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