Good news about my Kindle ebook experiment…

Stephen Slaughter bought a copy of “Sometimes I Think If I Stand by the Phone It May Ring” and read it today and liked it very much. Which is not what this post is about, really, if it prompted the post, but: I’m not any kind of known writer, this hardly ever happens, just somebody saying “Wow, I liked your story.” Pardon my brag.

Anyway, this reminded me of something I kept meaning to post about, and forgetting, lately. I wrote about what happened with the story when it was published several years ago, that the editor screwed me (and a bunch of other people, it turned out he’d been doing this forever) and I never got paid and had to buy my own freaking copy of the book, even. I posted about that right before I decided to try publishing a Kindle version, on my way to World Horror.

So…I haven’t done any marketing of this thing at all. I was at World Horror for my publisher, so I had their books to sell there, I haven’t even mentioned it in my blog or on social networks or whatever in the six months or so since, the page here for selling it is minimal, I haven’t optimized anything on the Kindle/Amazon page, either, and I only made a Kindle version. I have, in other words, not tried very hard to sell the ebook at all.

In spite of that total lack of push from me, the ebook sold over a hundred copies at once, when I published, and has since gone on to steadily sell enough copies every month since that…if I sell about thirty-five more copies, I’ve gotten paid what I was supposed to get paid when the story was published, originally. (And I have no idea how this is happening – nobody’s reviewed “Sometimes I Think” at Amazon, and if I haven’t been thinking with my marketing head screwed on about this, really, I did do some searches a couple months ago, when I first realized the book was still selling, to see if I could find a blog post or something. Nope. I have no idea why anybody’s still buying it, it’s a total mystery, I’m assuming somebody maybe wrote something in a mass email I can’t search for? Or – god forbid – a print newsletter?)

Anyway, so that’s cool. And two things:

1. Uh, if thirty-five more of you feel like paying a buck to read a short story that everybody who reads it seems to love, this week, I will finally be paid what I was promised for that piece of work on publication several years ago, and the universe will be right, once more.

2. I may do some more of this, and if there’s any interest in, say, Nook or Sony or Smashwords versions of things, this would be the time and place to speak up.