Robert N. Lee

Exhibit #9,345,697: Why Engineers Are Terrible UI/UX “Designers” and Should Be Killed If They Claim Otherwise

So I have a phone with less internal storage than I’d like, way less. Also, it comes stock with all kinds of OEM and other “bloatware.” So I root it, and put Cyanogenmod’s ROMs on it, because they are pretty good and stable on other phones and etc.

And every time I upgrade, I have to go and manually – with either a command line window on my computer or a little teeny terminal window on the phone – delete all the fucking bloatware Cyanogenmod packs my phone with.

Why does Cyanogenmod install the official Facebook and Twitter apps as “core Google apps?” Because they’re some programmer’s favorite apps for that purpose. So clearly, they must be everybody’s favorites or they are idiots. Did you root because you wanted stock Android, not the HTC custom UI on top? Well, lucky you, because Cyanogenmod also throws in some programmer’s favorite UI customization package, too. Why wouldn’t you want to set up your phone exactly the way he does, you luser?

Seriously, you end up with as little room left on the MyTouch 3G Slide after you install Cyanogenmod ROMs as you had with the standard HTC/T-Mobile includes. (And no, don’t even ask, NONE of those apps can possibly be moved to the SD card, even though that’s also a big reason you rooted and replaced. You either keep them and lose internal memory, or you don’t get them.)

And if you ask if maybe they could release a barebones ROM that doesn’t have the Cyanogenmod team’s favorite apps piled on top of the OS for no good reason? They accuse you of “begging for a pony.” Why on earth would you need that, when you’ve got this awesome web page to go to to tell you which sekrit app names to delete, one by one, by hand? (P.S. Naturally, that page is totally out of date, and like half the included apps aren’t even listed or not by the right names, anymore. ONLY DOPES NEED CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS FOR ANYTHING.)

God, I fucking love engineers. P.S. next time one fucks with you like this, challenge him or her  to read a book, ever. There are several classes of bright people who tend not to be big pleasure readers, and exceptions to the rule aside, programmers tend to be those kinds of people. And really defensive about it, which is why they’re always telling people to RTFM: because that’s like the only book they’ve ever read, or they don’t even read those, themselves.

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