Robert N. Lee

Doctorin’ the Neighbors.

I haven’t mentioned this for a while, and for those who came in late…there’s this kid in the neighborhood we’ve been taking care of sometimes since he was thirteen, when he gets locked out of the house and needs food or has to wash clothes or whatever. Anyway, Maurice is nineteen now and still comes over sometimes, which is how yesterday he asked “You ever see that show Doctor Who?” His latest girlfriend likes it, so he’s been watching it a lot, and I guess he loves it.

Weirdly, I’ve been watching the show sometimes, lately, so I was able to have a conversation about it. “Weird,” as I’m not really a fan of the show – it’s something I liked as a kid and remember fondly, not something I watch now. Related to other things I am interested in, I’ve been watching Doctor Who again – old ones, the Tom Baker ones I loved back when, the newer ones I haven’t seen. (Lots of friends are fans, duh, you can’t be this geeky an adult without Doctor Who fan friends – so I’ve seen a few new episodes and runs people said I really, really must.)

Anyway, I told him about Torchwood and gushed about Delia Derbyshire, and how important that theme song was, and how much work you’d take for granted in music production via machines, these days, that she did physically, by hand via untold hours sticking little bits of magnetic tape together. Which led to hip hop and electronic music we both like, more usual conversational territory.  And then we played Portal 2.

I enjoy being a nerd.

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