Diet Soap #213 - 666ties

Diet Soap 666ties Interview Is Up, Huzzah…

Diet Soap #213 - 666ties


I already posted about this elsewhere, but whatever. It’s kewl.

The Diet Soap podcast with Doug Lain interviewing me re: 666ties is up now. It’s pretty cool, in no small part due to Doug’s production – his aural collage bumpers for the podcasts are generally excellent, this one’s no exception. He picked exactly the right stuff for 666ties.

The interview covers…uh…online marketing and unrealistic expectations about ebooks, the fiction of Jay McInerney, the Myth of the Sixties, writing characters based on real people, arguing with editors, “As You Know, Bob,”  the rights and wrongs of alternate history, Harry Turtledove, Delia Derbyshire, getting drunk and reading books and not being able to do that anymore, and…I think there are other things.

And the stories.

Anyway, it’s always weird to hear your own voice.

Am working on “She’s Not There” today, to hand off to Julia ASAP. Word soon.


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