Robert N. Lee

Dang, it’s like I wrote 7000 words of “THIS.”

“Delia Derbyshire, whose 25-plus years of work with the BBC has only recently gained recognition, was a pioneering composer, innovative engineer, and something of an enigma. Her life story is really kind of a snapshot of a number of converging changes in society: The empowered woman, actively engaged in several fields all dominated by men well before the popular women’s movements; the avant-garde composer who challenged traditional Western notions of music; fighting government control of culture, music, and media; and, the free-thinking intellectual movements of the cultural wave which came to shape Western culture in the post-War era. This combination of elements is really quite amazing and it’s hard to believe that one person could have done it all.”

The linked radio documentary, “Sculptress of Sound: The Lost Works of Delia Derbyshire,” is pretty great if you’ve never heard it, BTW.


  1. Oh, no problem. I’ve been working on an SF story about Derbyshire for…ever, and finally finished it the other day. And it’s very much about what you posted, the lack of recognition and how much she created that’s just bedrock stuff for all electronic music. 

    She did not have the life she deserved, so I wrote her a better one. 

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