Robert N. Lee

Damn animals.

This is tonight, pretty much:

  • Otis and Ramona got in a fight over Beezus’ leftover cat treats. Ramona ended up with a bloody, dripping claw. I had to chase her around with a Swiffer until she finally calmed down enough to form a scab.
  • The kittens figured out how to climb out of their new enclosure, so I had to make a larger one and figure out how to block the door.



Ramona’s fine, BTW. She probably hooked her claw into Otis’ collar while trying to beat him over the head or whatever.

And Facebook is so slow, lately, it feels like AOL at 300 baud, which sort of helps with the Avoiding Facebook plans, I guess, so why am I complaining? Because I tried to post this like three times this evening as a status update and ate up like half an hour of my limited online goofery time, these days, waiting for Facebook shit to load. And got “Can’t post your status update” every time. And I’m going to post something here at my blog, instead, which will be crossposted to Facebook whenever Facebook gets around to it, so…probably around six in the morning tomorrow?

What a load of shit Facebook is.

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