Shame On You by Robert N. Lee

Cover for new Halloween ebook “Shame On You”

A long discussion ensued on Google+ the other day when I posted about surprising sales of my Kindle short story experiment earlier this year. At some point, I said I had at least one “trunk story” that was publishable but unsellable, and I was going to try to put that out for Halloween.

So anyway, another publishing tale of woe: the unsellable story by way of writing stories for themed anthologies. The thing about submitting stories to an anthology with a theme is: if you don’t get into the book, there are only like five magazines that publish stuff like that, and by the time it even occurs to you to resubmit the story anywhere, they’ve all already been hit with scores and possibly hundreds of stories on the same theme, and will not want to see anything on the that subject for years and years. So most anybody who’s ever written any stories to submit to themed anthologies has these kinds of stories. Some of them may be good and people might like to read them, even.

This is one of those trunk stories – I do have a bunch that didn’t sell for good reasons or I didn’t even try for good reasons, again, most everybody does. But this one, everybody I had read it for edits liked it, and one of the editors of the anthology liked it, the other didn’t. And I think it’s a pretty good story, a few years later.

So I’ll be getting this out ASAP for Kindle and possibly some other venues, and anyway…the cover’s done.