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Chaffs Got Kickstarted and Awesomedome Doesn’t Have Malware, Jesus

So I’ve been so ignoring the Internet and busy elsewhere I missed the Fallout 4 trailer launch last week and this week I missed the Kickstarter for Doug’s book, Chaffs. (In my defense, I was isolating elements from the cover of the book so the designer can use them for interior illustrations. Was one of the things I was doing yesterday.)

Chaffs by Douglas P. Lathrop

Anyway, like the effort required my help – the book got funded in a matter of hours and is double-funded, at this point – you can still fund the book in exchange for a limited edition, though. SO DO THAT.

And…I keep trying to tell people what the book’s like by calling it Gay Red Dawn. Here’s the promo copy for it, I guess, for a better picture than that:


Tyler has always abided by these three words. As a star high-school athlete from a powerful family, with an adoring girlfriend and a bright future in baseball, he is the perfect Son of America’s Fourth Great Awakening. But when his best friend suddenly disappears, it sets him on a path that will lead him to question — and lose — everything he once believed in.

Casey is a Chaff. Despised because of the crimes of his parents — and unashamed of his attraction to other boys — he lives on borrowed time, knowing that on his eighteenth birthday he will be taken away to an unknown fate. As that date approaches, he plans on final seduction, and in his sights he has the perfect target : Tyler.

The America they live in is not the America we know. There are no Pride parades, no Gay-Straight Alliances, no “It Gets Better” — only the ever-present threat of the secret police and the looming terror of the Reorientation Center. And yet, as these two boys discover when they grow closer together, there are also dreams of escape, and the courage to fight. In a country that sees them as worthless, Tyler and Casey find their true worth — in themselves, and in what they mean to each other.

Another friend of Doug’s, a writer friend from San Diego, is also very stoked about this, and has nice things to say about the cover. Very cool.

Also, BitDefender is telling me that this site is blocked because: malware. While I’ve been a little…not paying attention to the Internet, like I said…lately, I’m reasonably sure Awesomedome has not been h4x0r3d. I submitted a ticket on that, I understand they’re usually pretty good about such things. You are not getting a computer STD as you read this, sorry if you’re using BitDefender and it scared you, and no idea what that’s about.

I am working on things. I will be talking about things soon.

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