Robert N. Lee

Can’t resist a challenge, and fuck you, Mashable.

I was going to do it this weekend, but since Christina Warren decided to be a dick about it

“Quitting Facebook in 2011 is like quitting MySpace in 2008. It’s the cool thing to do. The difference, however, is that you aren’t going to quit Facebook.”

I never had a MySpace account, personally, is how cool I am. I guess. Anyway, my Facebook account is officially deader than my Livejournal.


  1. Good for you! I’ve thought about deletion, too, but instead I’ve decided to keep it and just never, ever update. I post a link to new blog posts and that’s it. The only reason why people use Facebook is because other people are on there, well, all those people don’t have to be there anymore if we don’t want them to be. User inertia killed LJ and it can kill FB too.

  2. Author

    I said this elsewhere, but…my parents barely use their Facebook accounts, my son barely did in high school and never does now he’s in college, and my daughter’s still in high school and posts stuff about her social life with her friends she doesn’t really need comments from Dad about.

    I mostly talk to my loved ones, my inner and most intimate circle, IRL or on the phone or via the odd email, still.

    Anyway, I don’t care if Facebook dies, it’s…kinda like Apple for me. I don’t hate the company, I certainly don’t hate all their products. I just don’t want them to get what they want, which is: EVERYTHING.

    (And no, all companies are not like that, even most big giant greedy ones.)

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