Blast from the Past (The Purge: Anarchy – 2014)

So The Purge: Anarchy is exactly what I expected. Bigger budget than the last one, since that one made money, so they got to leave the house. There are nods to The Warriors and John Carpenter all over the place, and if the movie’s not in Carpenter-on-top-of-his-game’s league, it’s still exactly the kind of movie he would have made back then.

The Purge movies get categorized as Horror, and…the first one, I guess. It’s a home invasion by an army of One Percenter Jasons and Michael Myerses.  Or it’s Straw Dogs with the class roles reversed or something. Anyway, I guess. Horror. It’s not that memorable a movie, to be honest.

Apparently if you let the franchise play outside, it turns into a whole new animal. Anarchy isn’t a horror movie so much as the kind of meat and potatoes action movie you for-real hardly see made in the USA anymore: not epic, not big budget, not full of movie stars slumming it. Just wall to wall kickass and running from danger to danger to greater danger in a pretty compelling seting by a collection of sketched out people you give a crap about for an hour or so. If the final boss battle…is almost literally the final stage of a video game, that totally works. 

Anyway, I thought the first movie was also fine for what it was and…mostly regretted that it all had to be confined to one house with the one movie star inside it. Thank you for fixing that, sequel.

And hey, maybe they can afford more than five minutes of Michael K. Williams as the anti-Purge Che 2.0, next time out.


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