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Archie dying gives me a sad that is happy. Plus extra bonus features.

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This is pretty cool, especially if you’re a big old Archie geek. Which I am.

Life With Archie 160Life With Archie , the original model, got canceled a couple decades ago. Which was a sad day in Archie Town. Life was the comic that ran long, less funny, adventure and high drama comics featuring the Riverdale gang. They encountered hiding out bandits while camping in the wilderness, got kidnapped, Hardy Boys shit like that, and fought fires and floods and etc.

Life With Archie is also the comic book that featured the Pureheart the Powerful alternate-Riverdale stories where everybody’s superheroes and villains. It’s not where Watchmen came from, Moore based that originally on the for-real superhero comics also published under the Archie banner, back in the day. But it’s close enough to be kinda kewl.Life With Archie 125

Life With Archie made a comeback a few years ago, with the company’s New Direction that includes stuff like gay marriages and zombie stories that are pretty freaking sweet. The New Direction that saved Archie from dying for real – Archie was the last line of comic books in America that didn’t come from Disney and primarily sold at supermarkets, and that market fell out from under them and they almost went away, the last several years. Kinda glad that doom clock got stopped, losing Hostess pies was traumatic enough a hit to my childhood.

Anyway, the new Life comics have followed along more or less behind the successful parallel universes Archie Marries Betty/Archie Marries Veronica series a few years ago, and are…like a combination of a telenovela and For Better Or Worse.  It’s a soap opera, and not so much about about crimes, except when they’re relatively quotidian and lead to current events storylines, like the gun control one lately. Not so much adventure or genre elements in Life With Archie lately, that’s all happening over in Afterlife With Archie.

OH DEAR GODSo it sounds like they’re going to throw a super dramatic adventure in for old time’s sake, to end the new run of Life With Archie and it’ll be the one where Archie dies. Speaking of For Better or Worse , they’re doing a Farley.

And…I dunno. I cried when I read the strips about Farley dying, and I hadn’t even looked at that comic since I moved out of my parents house, really.

So I’m in.

Thanks to +Elise Tobler for tipping me off to this…


And…just a quick update. I am currently buried in Shimmer work that’ll most of my time for a few more weeks. Big announcements coming in that area soon, and I’ll also be announcing a release date for “She’s Not  There” very soon. Finally. I am so ready to get back on 666ties you wouldn’t believe it.


Lastly, and speaking of death and 666ties, while I’ve been swamped with Shimmer and…well, death…and marriage. Life generally. Anyway, while I was busy and distracted from Awesomedoming, I found out that Christopher Jones had died.

There are any number of movies I saw in my life that led eventually to my deciding to do 666ties, like there are many books and many comics books and etc. There aren’t many I’d hold up as An Influence. I can say I did this project, wrote these stories, because once…I read Watchmen. And League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. And Moorcock’s Jerry Cornelius stuff. And Anne Sexton’s poetry. And especially: Paul Di Filippo’s Lost Pages story collection.

And I wrote these stories and designed these book covers because I saw Blow-Up. And Danger Diabolik. And Vanishing Point. And Zabriskie Point. And L’Eclisse. And Breathless. And Alphaville. And The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. And Privilege. And Punishment Park. And The President’s Analyst. And If… And etc., etc., etc.

I never, ever would have done 666ties, maybe, if I hadn’t seen Wild In the Streets when I was a kid. That’s how big a deal that movie is to me.

Jones was an odd case, one of those people who genuinely can’t deal with being super famous and walks away from stardom just as it kicks off. He’s largely forgotten now, and mainly remembered when he is by movie and pop culture nerds for playing Max Frost, rock start turned POTUS, in Wild In the Streets. After that movie was released, though, he was primed and groomed for Next James Dean superstardom that seemed to be working out pretty well, and then he made his big breakthrough starring role movie and…then he just quit. And went away.

Later in life, Jones said that he left over a broken heart: he was having an affair, he said, with Sharon Tate at the time she was murdered. She was going to leave Polanski for him, he said. He just couldn’t go on doing movies anymore after that. And I don’t know if that’s true – Jones was friends with Polanski and Tate, I guess. So if it isn’t true, boy was he a dick. But it’s a pretty good story.

Tarantino tried to woo Jones out of hiding, like he does. He wanted him to play Zed in Pulp Fiction. Christopher Jones said no.

Anyway, R.I.P. Christopher Jones. And if you haven’t seen Wild In the Streets, you should. It is amazing.

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