Robert N. Lee

Announcing my new fiction project, 444ties! First issue FREE!

Seeing as it’s been quite a while since the last 666ties story, I’ve decided to simply drop the project and move on. Move on to another decade at least as exciting and alliterative as the 1960s — and with that, I present to the world the beginning of my magnum opus, my true heart’s calling: 444ties.


444ties by Robert N. Lee


Which I will likely pursue with some enthusiasm for three months or so and then drop forever and never mention again. So quick, before it’s gone and I’ve moved on to Twen-Twen-Twenties, get your free copies of the first volume here.

I love you all.


(In case it wasn’t obvious, the abandonment announcement was an April Fools thing, and there are no more 444ties books coming, the real announcement is that 666ties is starting up again shortly–it’s in the back of the book. However, this one is real, and some people think it’s hilarious, apparently.)


“444ties” – 4600 words, each one of them gold

444ties – EPUB

444ties – MOBI

444ties – PDF

444ties – ZIP file containing all three

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