Alienating the fan base happens in other genres, too…

…it’s not just a SF/F/H thing, really.

I saw this trailer by accident today:



I didn’t even know (a) there was a Stephanie Plum movie or (b) how low Katherine Heigl’s star has dipped of late until I saw that and went “WTF?” and had to go look things up about it.

Apparently, this thing was shot almost two years ago when Heigl could get a movie greenlit just by using the script to wipe with, was supposed to be a franchise for her, was supposed to come out this past June as summer movie competition. Instead, it’s getting dumped in January.

In case you don’t read books like this or don’t have a mom who does, you may have seen the Janet Evonovich books on your trips to the SF or manga sections or whatever. They’re funny-actiony-mysteries that all have numbers in the titles, a running thing:



They are not, however, funny like this trailer is trying to be, as I remember. I will be honest, I only read the first book and that was a long time ago, but…it’s the book this movie’s based on, and it’s not quite this idiotically OMG JOISY, as I recall. Also, I’m pretty sure Stephanie Plum actually seems like she might be from Joisy, whereas Heigl can yell FUGGEDABOUMYTASTYKAKES all day all she wants and she’s still always just going to come off like boring, generic old Katherine Heigl – the American Keira Knightley, only even less.

I’ll have to ask my mom what she thinks or if she even knows about the movie – she’s a big fan of the books and takes a certain home pride in them, even – the woman has had JERSEY GIRL-variant vanity plates on her car for going on twenty years. I can’t imagine she’ll be particularly excited by this.

I’m happy to think maybe this brief, wretched period of Heiglmania is over with. I actually like romantic comedies, and aside from Knocked Up, the movie what launched her and which she trashed talked about ten seconds after she got famous, the ones of hers I’ve seen, or bits of, are uniformly mediocre-to-awful and so is she.

I don’t think I’ll ever bother with her Stephanie Plum movie, geez.

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