Robert N. Lee

Adios Facebook…

…I posted about this earlier on Facebook and Google+, posting here so anybody who needs it has ample warning.

I’m taking any and all Facebook-related plugins off this blog after I post this and deleting the link to my Facebook profile, I’ve logged out of my Facebook account on the laptop for the second to last time, am deleting apps from mobile devices, etc. I’ll be nuking my Facebook account for good this weekend. If you want to talk to me anyplace online from here on in, I’ll be at Google+, mostly.

I’ve cranked about Facebook’s various intrusions and offenses, over the years, but anybody who knows me at all also knows I’m not much for tin foil hats. In fact, I tend to argue with and ridicule more online alarms about privacy and etc. than I do support or agree with them.

Facebook’s latest rounds of changes are aimed at nothing less than (a) exposing your entire life, from first shit in the morning to last boner before sleep, to marketers (god knows no one who loves you needs to hear more about your day, and nobody else cares who doesn’t want to sell you something) and (b) bringing “the Internet” as we know it to an end and nobody ever doing anything online unless it’s on Facebook.

If you’re good with that, awesome, but if you want to say hi to me and talk to me about books or zombies or our latest boogers or whatever, it’ll have to be elsewhere. I’m not on Facebook anymore, and cannot wait for it to go the way of MySpace, at this point.

Let’s hasten that great day together, shall we?


  1. Amen. I deleted mine last week and don’t miss it at all. 

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