Robert N. Lee

About Me:

You are the end of the non-Geneseean world. It’s certainly the beginning of the end of the night, the wise genius behind it all, the Devil if you will, is running across the street. Don’t you see, it’s just the beginning of the cross-eyed. Listen! You know about molecules, they’re made of it, I’m convinced. Take on a greenish tint under the lights and look really frightful. Perfect y serious. It all ties in. Character-structures all look as though they’re falling apart.

But now we only have the almost reversed, in a sense. He listens to my ideas now with great respect, restrictive morality and the scatological repressions and the suppressed universal cancer. You see how bright the lights are. But wait, I wasn’t finished. The great Dracula-magician has become a great you for a very specific reason—everyone is mad on their behinds to one another. Everyone feels like a zombie, but l don’t believe I feel like a geek yet, I don’t think I’ll buy that.

Wait for me just a minute while I make a phone call, I’ll ride on the subway with nonsense and idly biding real medieval ghastliness.

Virus X — it’s written all over you.

Some Writing Online:

“Mastery or Moorditch: George MacDonald and True Faith” at Fantasy Magazine (essay)

“The Most Important Genre Novel You’ll Never Read” at Clarkesworld (essay)

“Judge Dredd and Jane Austen, Sitting In a Tree” at Shimmer (essay)

“98 Ianthe,” my story in Shimmer that got the reader’s choice nod for that issue (fiction)

And of course, my 666ties stories…


Some Writing Offline:

Shimmer #17 – Includes my SF story, “98 Ianthe.” UPDATE, 12/5/2013: “98 Ianthe” was selected by Shimmer readers as their favorite story in the issue.

Writer’s Workshop of Horror – I wrote an essay on Stephen King for this award-winning book of writing tips and advice with a bunch of big giant names in the TOC.

Damned Nation – Co-edited this anthology with Dave Wilbanks, featured stories by William F. Nolan, Poppy Z. Brite, Tom Piccirilli, got a bunch of honorable mentions that year. I’m very proud.

Exit Laughing – Contains my stories “Dead-Eyed Jacks” (written with John Burks) and “The Adverbing.”

Alone On the Darkside – Contains my story “Sometimes I Think If I Stand by the Phone It May Ring.”


Other Stuff:

Douglas Lain interviews me for Diet Soap about 666ties