Robert N. Lee

A Couple of Clarifications…

The socialism post is getting linked and passed around a lot, so I’m getting comments a few other places, and…

1. I’m not taking any pro or con position in the blog post re: socialism. Or capitalism, for that matter. I tried very hard not to do that at all, so…if you think I was attacking socialism by explaining why some things popularly misunderstood as socialism aren’t, please do point out the snarky comment or turn of phrase or whatever that made you think that. I’ll see what I can do to fix it.

Libertarianism, however, I meant to shit all over, that was intentional. It was not a forceful or coercive shit I took, though, but a bold, unyielding torrent of total enlightened self-interest. A is A, l33ch3s.

2. Re: the Song of Ice and Fire post yesterday, “bored” in the title was not meant to indicate I didn’t like the books. I did read the first four in a row, after all, and I just started using this blog again after dropping it for a while. I have talked about reading the books and what I liked on Google+ and Facebook, lately.

3. Tyrion and Arya, duh.

4. (My favorite characters, not who I think should hook up. Ew.)

5. (Ew.)

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