666ties updates (Diet Soap podcast, posters, stickers, NEW stories and site, oh my)

Just a few quick things…

The Shimmer relaunch is pretty much done and ready to go on May 1st, so I’m back on 666ties more or less full time. I’ll make an announcement in the next few days about the next book and dates of books to follow after.

I recorded an interview with Doug Lain for the Diet Soap podcast about 666ties, which will be airing in a couple of months. I will post when it comes out, naturally. In the meantime, Doug asked me to design the cover for that podcast, so I did:

666ties Diet Soap Issue 213 Cover


While I wasn’t working on 666ties, I did make myself stickers of the “Killin’ Dylan” kids to put on my new tablet:

my tablet


And my friend Liz loved those so much she asked if she could buy them, so I put them up for her at Redbubble, and while I was at it moved all the posters there, as well. You can now order all 666ties-related objects there, and I’ve updated the sales page here.

Oh, and: while I was also busy getting married and etc., friend and big fan of “Live Lady of Down Town” Mealika Brown got her poster the old fashioned way, and sent a picture, because she luvs it:

Mealika's live lady poster


Definitely send pics if you buy anything, that’s so cool to see.

Lastly, the site’s getting an overhaul, soon, it’s way past time for that. Getting the new books out is the priority, for now, but…don’t be shocked if you show up one day soon and the old house is gone.

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