I’m kind of wondering, watching the trailer for and reading about Bobcat Goldthwait’s new movie, God Bless America, if he’s ever read Jack Ritchie’s short story “For All the Rude People.” It’s entirely possible – I first read it in one of the old Hitchcock anthos, and looking the title up, there are lots of blog posts – it made an impression on others, too.



Anyway, the story’s about…the same thing the movie’s about, basically…a guy who discovers he has a terminal illness and that he should spend what time he has left scouring jerks off the planet, with a gun.

Worth seeking out and reading, and it’s in Stories Not for the Nervous, or the second paperback volume when it gets split up. It’s one of the greatest of those Hitchcock story collections, anyway – it’s also got “The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes” and “Dune Roller” and Matheson’s “Lemmings” in it, as well as “Sorry, Wrong Number,” and you might as well own a copy.


  1. I know that this is a million to one shot, but here goes.

    I was telling my wife about a reader I read in 4th grade during 1983. In this reader I read a story set in the future where pollution had all but blotted out the sun, a couple on their honeymoon are going in search of the sun. I thought that perhaps it might have been called, Chasing the Sun, or something similar, but no luck with that title.

    I did recall the story of a boy able to predict events based on knowledge he had, and when given knowledge about astronomy foretold a wonderous age, only to hide the turth of the sun going nova.

    Therefore I wound up at this site. I am trying to find the name of both the short story and the name of the reader with a listing of all the short stories, the book would have had to have been pre 1983.

    I might add that all these memories of treffic sci-fi stories came flooding back after having watched the short film 2081 based on Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s short story: Harrison Bergeron, which I believe was also in that reader…

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