Yay, the Windows crash screen now means nothing.

“Honestly, how many times have you used the dump information on the BSOD to actually diagnose a problem, compared to how many times you just rebooted the computer and didn’t think anything of it? A more cutesy error message is a better idea.”

Uh…lots of times? Mostly while building computers, not in normal day to day operation? That’s kinda what it was for. It means you’ve got some kind of catastrophic system failure going on, usually hardware related. That’s why the codes are useful.

Which is why I always snicker when people hoot and moan about “The Blue Screen of Death.” All you’re telling me is that when the “OMG WILL YOU CHANGE YOUR OIL ALREADY?” or engine light comes on in your car, you just cross yourself and touch the Virgin Mary on your dashboard and keep on driving. I bet you blame the car company or the last guy who changed your spark plugs when your engine blows, too.

Anyway, awesome: Windows 8’s replacement screen is more conducive to irresponsible operation of computers. And it kernel panics prettier, like Macs do, I guess. w00t.



P.S. Just restarting and praying isn’t a good idea on Apple-branded *NIX PCs, either, and you should see the dump/restart screens on real *NIX systems if the BSOD scares you. But following those well-designed directions in four languages will ensure you need to buy a new computer quicker. It just works!

Just make sure you Rebuild the Desktop vigilantly.  And pray.

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