Robert N. Lee

10 things I hate about World Horror 2011…



1. Got to meet a ton of people I’ve liked and even loved,  lo these many years, in person for the first time.

2. Had several pleasant conversations with people I’ve had blistering feuds with online.

3. Ray and Julie showed up.

4. Ate at Whataburger (pretty good burgers).

5. A closed down strip club on the way out of Austin called “The Pink Monkey.”

6. Got Chesya’s collection and got her to sign it.

7. John Skipp turns out to be a great guy.

8. Manned up and talked to Straub the last night, finally.

9. Steve Niles giving Luke his Captain America shield and Thor hammer, just because the boy clearly loved them so.

10. Keeping RJ awake the last two hours driving back to New Orleans by asking probing and pretty intimate questions. (Me talking wasn’t going to work – as a few people discovered for the first time this week, I have a pretty deep voice that tends to soothe people to sleep.)

That was fun. Now I gotta book to get done.

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